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We Pack Nutrition, Too

Look for these icons to see what our foods bring to the table besides scrumptiousness.

  • Protein

    Packed with 10+ grams of protein to help build lean muscle, sturdy bones and super-healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Energy

    Fuels you up with whole grains and complex carbohydrates known to fight fatigue and lift moods.

  • Fat Burner

    Loaded with nutrients and compounds that naturally speed up metabolism — the fat-burner inside all of us.

  • Super Food

    Calorie-light, nutrient-dense and packed with anti-oxidants and essential nutrients to help you stay healthy.

  • Detox

    Serves up healthy nutrients that nourish the body while super-charging your metabolism and optimizing digestion.

  • Raw

    Untouched by a lick of heat, these foods keep their full nutritional profile and all the important enzymes you need.

  • Vegetarian

    Artisanal produce, cheeses and dairy minus meat of any sort, including poultry and seafood

  • Gluten Free

    Look all you want — not a trace of wheat, barley, rye or triticale anywhere.

  • Vegan

    Free of all animal products and animal by-products. That means no milk, cheese or eggs either.

Always Good & Proper

Our signature Quinoa Beet Pesto Salad is a labor of love. We braise our farm-fresh beets for hours until they reach the perfect consistency. We use not one but two types of quinoa – cooking red quinoa and black quinoa separately and then toasting the black quinoa to add the signature crunch. Topped with artisanal goat cheese, hand-crushed walnuts, and fresh-from-the-garden mint and basil, this is no ordinary salad.


*All of our gluten-free menu items are prepared in a kitchen that also uses wheat products.  During normal kitchen operations, however unlikely, there is a possibility for food items to come into contact with wheat gluten/proteins.  Thus, we are unable to guarantee that any item is completely gluten-free.